Background information

Brazil takes the lead in regional cooperation on LGBT policies

The struggle for equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) workers in Brazil has entered a new phase as a new PSI project started up.
PSI Brazil's LGBT Committee is supported through a cooperation project with PSI affiliate AbvaKabo of the Netherlands.
The main objectives of the project are to build LGBT structures in PSI Brazil and PSI Americas and to lobby for workplace recognition on LGBT rights.

The project committee had its first meeting early December 2012, and started its activities immediately. A document on LGBT rights will be distributed to Brazilian mayors and municipal councilors.
Coordinator for the LGBT project is Edilene Evangelista from PSI Brazil.

Participants in a layout similar to the FNV Roze logo

In June of 2013, a new meeting took place, in which delegates from Agentina, the Dominican Republic and Colombia shared experiences with Brazilians and delegates from the Netherlands. A summary of the actions thusfar and the plans for the future can be found here.