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Enlaces a páginas con contenidos relacionados con derechos sindicales LGBT

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Labourstart LabourStart, where trade unionists start their activities (in Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, Dansk, Deutsch, English, Español, Esperanto, Français, Italiano, Kreyòl, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Português, Russian/Русский, Suomi, Svenska
Resouce Expedience LGBT labour resource links
Global Unions
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International union organisations (starting) with an LGBT policy /
Organizaciones internacionales de sindicatos que comienzan por, or ya tienen, una política LGBT
ETUC ETUC, the European Trade Union Confederation / La Confederación Europea de Sindicatos CES
PSI, LGBT policies Public Services International / Internacional de Servicios Publicos (pages temporary unavailable)
Education International Education International /Internacional de Educación
EPSU, European Public Service Union EPSU, European Federation of Public Service Unions, announces its co-operation with ILGA Europe /
FSESP, la Federación Sindical Europea de los Servicios Publicos, anunciando su cooperación con la ILGA Europea
ILO ILO, the International Labour Organization / Organización Internacional de Trabajo, OIT
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Unions and national union organisations with an LGBT policy /
Sindicatos y organizaciones sindicales a nivel nacional con una política LGBT
UNISONthe UK trade union UNISON
Verdi-logo ver.Di Regenbogen (Germany)(in German / en aleman / Deutsch)
irish congress of trade unions logo Irish congress of trade unions
Australian Education Union logo Australian Education Union
heu-logo Hospital Employees Union (Canada), Pink Triangle Standing Committee
FNV (Netherlands) FNV (Netherlands) (parts in English)/(neerlandés, por parte en Español)
FNV UNIFOR, Canadian trade union
SEIU Services Employees International Union, SEIU, Lavender Caucus / SEIU, Grupo azul lavanda (en inglés)
Luis Gauthier Luis Gauthier LGBT trade union, Chile (in Spanish) / Sindicato LGBT Luis Gauthier en Chile (en Español)
Pride at Work Pride at work, LGBT group in AFL-CIO (US) / Grupo Orgullo en Trabajo, del sindicato AFL-CIO en los EEUU
LO-Norge Norwegian Trade Union Confederation (in Norwegian)/ Confederación Sindical de Noruega (en norguego)
TUC, the UK Trades Union Congress, on Equality / El Congreso Sindical, de Gran Bretaña, sobre Igualdad
unite, the union Largest trade union in Britain UNITE / El sindicato más grande en Bretaña UNITE (en inglés)
Canadian Auto Workers Canadian Auto Workers, LGBT chapter (history?) / Trabajadores en la Industria de Automoviles en Canada, sección LGBT (¿historia?) (en inglés)
ASLEF, British union for train drivers ASLEF, British train drivers' union, LGBT chapter
du Travail Canadian Labour Congress Canadian Labour Congress (English) /Congrès du Travail de Canada (Français)
CGIL CGIL (Italian trade union confederation)(Italiano)
ACV in French known as CNC ACV/CNC, Belgian christian trade union society (Vlaams/Dutch and Wallon/French)
and its leaflet about discrimination at the workplace (in Dutch)
ABVV ABVV, Belgian socialist trade union society (Vlaams / Dutch); speech of the chairman after being elected
Fritt Fram All Clear, Swedish trade union project
CUPE the Canadian Union of Public Employees CUPE (in English) / SCFP, le Syndicat Canadien de la Function Publique (en Français)
SEESP, Sao Paulo nurses union Sindicato dos Enfermeiros do Estado de São Paulo (SEESP), Sao Paulo nurses union (em português/ in Portuguese)
AOb, Dutch teachers' union AOb, Dutch education union (in Nederlands / Dutch)
CCOO-Valencia Comissions Obreres de Valencià (Valencian branch of Spanish trade union movement CCOO) (en Español)
CCOO Industria Comissions Obreres Industria (Industrial branch of Spanish trade union movement CCOO) (en Español)
UGTP Unión General de Trabajadores (Spanish trade union) (en Español)
ASDEP Asociación Nacional de Servidores Públicos de la Defensoria del Pueblo ASDEP, Colombian public sector trade union (en Español)
GEW German union Gewerkschaft für Erziehung und Wissenschaft (Education and Science) (in German/auf Deutsch)
Craig's blog Craig's blog (including trade union issues)
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In company groups and networks working on diversity including LGBT aspects and
companies with an LGBT-inclusive diversity policy /
Empresas que incluyen aspectos LGBT en su política de diversidad y/o
que cuentan con redes especializadas para su desarollo

Workplace Pride Platform Workplace Pride Platform, an international organisation based upon a Dutch initiative (in English/in Dutch/Nederlands))
British Telecom Kaleidoscope British Telecom: BT Kaleidoscope (English)
LGBT Forum of the British Army Army LGBT, the LGBT forum in the British Army
genius Genius, Dutch network of LGB professionals (English / Nederlands (= Dutch))
HP on diversity policies HP on its diversity policy
Companies that care Companies that care (USA) (in English) / (en inglés)
About LGBT personnel in the pharmaceutical and bio-industrial sector About LGBT personel in the pharmaceutical and bio-industrial sector / Sobre el personal LGBT en los sectores famacéuticos y bioindustriales (en inglés)
Dell Dell's diversity policies
LEAGUE diversity group at AT and T League at AT and T
IBM LGBT and diversity policies IBM diversity policies
ING Bank ING bank diversity policies (available in English and Nederlands = Dutch)
Cisco logo Cisco's diversity and inclusion policy
Firefighters and EMS LGBT firefighters and emergency medical staff
OutServe SLDN, service members legal network OutServe SLDN, LGBT US armed forces network
Proud2Serve Proud to Serve, Britain's LGBT armed forces network
Arbeitskreis homosexueller Angehörigen der Bundeswehr Arbeitskreis homosexueller Angehörigen der Bundeswehr AhsAB, Working party of gay members of the German federal armed forces (Deutsch / German/ aleman)
Stichting Homoseksualiteit en Krijgsmacht Stichting Homoseksualiteit en Krijgsmacht, Dutch Foundation for Homosexuality and Armed Forces (Nederlands / Dutch)
Air Products Air Products diversity policies and reference to the Spectrum LGBT employee ressource group
Volvo's diversity policies Volvo car's diversity policies
Shell's diversity policies Pink Pearl Shell's diversity policies and the Pink Pearl group
RBS's diversity policies and the Rainbow Network Diversity policies in the Royal Bank of Scotland RBS and its Rainbow Network (in English/inglés)
Deutsche Bank's diversity policies Deutsche Bank's diversity policies / Die Vielfaltpolitik der deutschen Bank (in English / auf Deutsch)
Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network GLSEN (in English)
Legal Gay and Lesbian Police Officers
Velspol VELSPOL League of Gay and Lesbian Police Officers in Germany (Deutsch/German/alemán)
Eurogaycops European network of LGBT police officers
Out and Equal (USA)
Diversity Foundation (Spain) / Fundación Diversidad (España)
National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals (in English)
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Anti-discrimination, human rights, or development co-operation organisations
working on LGBT work issues /
Organizaciones contra la discriminación, organizaciones de los derechos humanos y
organizaciones de cooperación al desarollo, que tienen una política LGBT

HIVOSHIVOS, Dutch Humanist organisation for Development Co-operation
Oxfam NovibOxfam Novib
Amnesty International Amnesty International
Etical Trading Initiative Ethical Trading Initiative / Iniciativa Commercio Ético (solamente en inglés)
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LGBT organisations working on labour issues /
Organizaciones LGBT trabajando en temas laborales
ILGA International Lesbian and Gay Association, world organisation
ILGA International Lesbian and Gay Association, European chapter
ILGA Going Beyond the Law: promoting equality in employment (2nd edition, May 2007)(publication by ILGA Europe)
IGLHRC the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission
Trans Advocate Trans Advocate
Human Right Campaign Human Rights Campaign
Maltese gay rights movement Malta gay rights movement
Out-fm logo Out FM, LGBT radio
Holebifederatie België HoLeBiFederatie België (Belgian federation of lesbian, gay, bisexual organisations) (Vlaams / Dutch)
Pridelinks PrideLinks
Gay.Net Gay.Net
AllOut All Out (English, Español, Français, Português
the Gully or Gay Mundo The Gully (English) / Gay Mundo (Español)
Beyond Barriers Beyond Barriers, Scottish LGBT site
The Advocate
Scottish Equality networks Equality network Scotland
Gender sanity, including information for the workplace Gender sanity, including information for the workplace
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Political statements on LGBT labour issues /
Declaraciones políticas sobre temas LGBT
EU guidelines on LGBTI human rights European Union guidelines to promote and protect the enjoyment of all human rights by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) persons
EU on diversity European Union, on the value of diversity for companies
EU on discrimination European Union on the extension and the enhanced anti-discrimination policies
European parliament European Parliament condems homophobia
Council of Europe Council of Europe, Committee of Ministers: recommendation to the member states on measures to combat discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity (aussi en Français)
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LGBT job opportunities /
Oportunidades laorales LGBT
LGBT CareerLink
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Other relevant links /
Otros enlaces relevantes
Mi.St Mi.St European diversity management site
Diversito Diversito, Belgian diversity management site (in Dutch)
Diversity Rules magazine Diversity Rules magazine
Gay and Lesbian Studies, University of Amsterdam Gay and Lesbian Studies (Homostudies), University of Amsterdam
Diotima Diotima, European course program on gender and politics
Stop mobbing! Stop mobbing (in Dutch)
Enkidu magazine Enkidu magazine (en Español)
Speak out against prejudice scholarships Gay Dating sites: Speak out against prejudice scholarships
End of the Rainbow The End of the Rainbow: Increasing the Sustainability of LGBT Organizations through Social Enterprise (web-publication from NESST)
Jim Adler law resources for the LGBT community Jim Adler law resources for the LGBT community (covering the United States of America)
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