Background information


On the 4th and 5th of August, the Netwerk Roze FNV (Pink Network in the FNV) organised a international conference in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, called Freedom at Work. Aiming at improving of the understanding of our current social and political environment, at creating a wider, deeper and more permanent commitment of the trade union movement for LGBTI causes and at seeking new opportunities for alliances with other organisations, the conference was experienced as useful and inspiring, certainly providing new inspiration and energy among the participants.

MEP Ulrike Lunacek, unable to attend personally, delivered a speech on video for the conference: you can watch it here.
Read the PSI circular about the LBGTI activities in affiliated unions and about support for the Freedom At Work conference in 2016.
Unfortunately, the background information for the conference has been deleted, but the conference report is still available for download.
The European Trade Union Confederation issued a press release on the occasion of this conference. Or you might (also) want to read the report on the EI website.

The Dutch Netwerk Roze FNV (Pink Network in the largest trade union organisation of the Netherlands, FNV) participated in the conference of the Inter-American LGBT Network in Public Services International. An impression can be found here.