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Announcing the Baltic Pride Conference:

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The Baltic Pride 2023 conference will provide answers to many burning questions related to LGBT+

On June 9 at 10:30 am, the Baltic Pride 2023 conference "Kväärikas keskkond, turvalisem Eesti!" ("Worthy Queer Environment - Safer Estonia!") will commence at Telia headquarters.
  • How to create a secure environment?
  • How to discuss LGBT+ related topics with students?
  • Why should an employer be interested in sexual and gender identity?
These are just some of the burning questions that will be answered for those present.
One of the main themes of the conference is equal treatment in the school system.
We will try to identify how we can best support LGBT+ teachers and students and create a safe environment for them.
In addition, we will also discuss other hot issues such as intersectionality, gender identity in the work environment, and informed consent to sex.
There will be an opportunity to anonymously ask questions, which will allow discussion, including topics that people do not normally dare to raise in public. In particular, presentations will be made by such competent persons as
  • the Representative for Gender Equality and Equal Treatment Christian Veske,
  • the Head of Diversity and Inclusion of the Estonian Centre for Human Rights Helen Talalaev,
  • the Head of Education of the Estonian LGBT Association Kristel Rannaääre,
  • the advocacy expert of the Estonian LGBT Association Aili Kala,
  • representatives of Telia and Swedbank,
  • students at the European School in Brussels
and others. The event has no age restrictions.
Baltic Pride is an annual festival of the Baltic LGBT+ community and its allies since 2009.
The festival, which will start on June 6 and will last for six days.
The event is hosted by Tallinn after a 6-year break.
Workshops and an exciting program await visitors.
This time the festival will focus on solidarity and intersectionality, that is, the LGBT+ community will have company at Baltic Pride.

One for all and all for equality!