Background information

Kürşad Kahramanoğlu

K├╝rsad KahramanogluKürşad Kahramanoğlu (Sansun, 1951) studied at the Middle East Technical University, Department of Industrial Engineering in 1977, after which he migrated to the United Kingdom, where he studied philosophy. Professionally attached to the university, he became active in the trade union movement (now UNISON), in which he became the world's first full time union officer for LGBT workers. As such, he was one of the carrying persons in the organisation of the 1998 conference in Amsterdam.

In 1999, he was elected as male secretary general of ILGA, a position in which he served for the longest period ever in ILGA.

After moving back to Turkey around the turn of the century, he became involved in KAOS GL, and he is currently teaching at Bilgi University Law Faculty Human Rights Master Program and serving as columnist for the BirGün daily newspaper in Turkey.

Kürşad Kahramanoğlu participated in the panel discussion on "the role of progressives in diverse changing societies" at the Antwerp conference.